Album du jour: O’DEATH – Head home

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1. O’DEATH: Only daughter

2. MARVIN MARVIN: Clock works

3. SHOOTING SPIRES: Hollow yell

4. THROW ME THE STATUE: About to walk

5. WHY?: Fatalist palmistry

6. THE CAVE SINGERS: Dancing on our graves

7. MERZ: The first and last waltz

8. CASS MC COMBS: Full moon or infinity

9. O’DEATH: All the world

10. MAN MAN: Rabbit Habbits

11. RIVERS CUOMO: Little Diane…/48163-interview-rivers-cuomo…/Alone_-_The_Home_Recordings_of_Rivers_Cuomo

12. THE AVETT BROTHERS: Die, die, die

13. THE DODOS: Jody

14. O’DEATH: Jesus look down…/odeath-head-home/…/39295-head-home

…stay tuned for scenes from our next episode…

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