Monthly Archives: February 2006

Album du jour: WHY? – Elephant Eyelash

Pod en Stock 31 (mp3, 52 min, 50Mb)

1. WHY?: Sanddollars

2. ORANGER: Crooked in the weird of the catacombs

3. CATFISH HAVEN: Madaline

4. THE SINGING ADAMS: I can do nothing

5.TILLY and THE WALL: Nights of the living dead

6. WHY?: Waterfalls…/elephant-eyelash.shtml

7. ABSENTEE: In the toilets again

8. PAVEMENT: Cut your hair…/crooked-rain-crooked-rain.shtml

9. BABYSHAMBLES: Fuck forever

10. BEARSUIT: Chargr

11. WHY?: Gemini (Birthday song)

12. DAY ONE: Truly madly deeply

13. SIA: Breathe me

…stay tuned for scenes from our next episode…

Album du jour: SAINT ETIENNE – Tales from Turnpike House

Pod en Stock 30 (mp3, 60 min, 55 Mb)

1. SAINT ETIENNE: A good thing

2. LADYTRON: Destroy everything you touch

3. BENJAMIN DIAMOND: Lights in the sky

4. PREFUSE 73: We go our own way

5. IMOGEN HEAP: Just for now

6. SAINT ETIENNE: Teenage winter…/tales-from-turnpike-house.shtml

7. BUCK 65: The suffering machine

8. TARWATER: The people

9. SEBASTIEN SCHULLER: Weeping willow

10. LADY & BIRD: Blue skies

11. oOMIAQ: Aventure toi

12. SAINT ETIENNE: Milk bottle symphony…/aotd_etienne_turnpike.shtml

13. SAINT ETIENNE: Only love can break your heart

…stay tuned for scenes from our next episode…