Monthly Archives: January 2008

Album du jour: LOST ON PURPOSE – Not if but when

Pod en Stock 69 (mp3, 62 min, 58 Mb)


2. ELLIOTT SMITH: All cleaned out

3. COCONUT RECORDS: West coast…/7529322.html

4. LES SAVY FAV: Comes and goes

5. THE LUCKSMITHS: There is a light that never goes out


7. THE AVETT BROTHERS: Will you return?

8. HAYDEN: Where and when

9. RADAR BROS: Watching cows

10. CAT POWER: Song to Bobby

11. LOST ON PURPOSE: The 70s

12. PANDA BEAR: Comfy in Nautica…/41826-person-pitch

13. PINBACK: Devil you know

14. SUNSET RUBDOWN: For the pier (and dead shimmering)

15. LOST ON PURPOSE: Aztec…/belle-and-sebastian-news.html

16. STANLEY BRINKS: One revolution of the moon…/6996545.html

…stay tuned for scenes from our next episode…

Album du jour: MORIARTY – Gee Whiz but this is a lonesome town

Pod en Stock 68 (mp3, 60 min, 56 Mb)

1. MORIARTY: Private Lilly

2. PARIS MOTEL: Stockholm: the art of forgetting

3. BILL FOX: I’m not over loving you

4. SONIC YOUTH: I’m not there

5. MORIARTY: Jimmy…/zooms-3967.html

6. NEIL YOUNG: Beautiful bluebird

7. KIMYA DAWSON: Tire swing…/where-is-juno-crossing-over-from-exactly/

8. COWBOY JUNKIES: Postcard Blues

9. MORIARTY: Cotton flower…/videos-4105.html

10. JOHN FAHEY: View (East From The Top Of The Riggs Road/B&O Trestle)

11. THE WALKABOUTS: Poor side of town

12. MALCOLM MIDDLETON: Four cigarettes

13. NO KIDS: I love the weekend

…stay tuned for scenes from our next episode…