Monthly Archives: June 2007

Album du jour: THE SHAKY HANDS – The shaky hands

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1. THE SHAKY HANDS: I’m alive

2. BRIGHT EYES: Hot knives

3. ALASDAIR ROBERTS: I had a kiss of the king’s hand

4. WILCO: Either way

5. TOWNES VAN ZANDT: Waiting around to die

6. THEE STRANDED HORSE: Sharpened suede

7. THE SHAKY HANDS: Sunburns…/42485-the-shaky-hands

8. BENJY FERREE: In the countryside

9. THE FRATELLIS: Whistle for the choir

10. THUNDERBIRDS ARE NOW!: (The making of…) Make history

11. GOOD SHOES: All in my head

12. ART BRUT: Direct hit

13. DR DOG: Worst trip

14. THE SHAKY HANDS: We will rise

15. DANIEL JOHNSTON: Mountain top

…stay tuned for scenes from our next episode…