Monthly Archives: June 2008

Album du jour: DESTROYER – Trouble in dreams

Pod en Stock 78 (mp3, 58 min, 54 Mb)

1. DESTROYER: Dark leaves form a thread

2. BONNIE PRINCE BILLY: Where is the puzzle?…/50884-lie-down-in-the-light

3. FLEET FOXES: Blue ridge mountains…/51076-fleet-foxes

4. DESTROYER: My favorite year…/49459-trouble-in-dreams…/50789-photos-destroyer-west-hollywood-ca-051908

5. COLIN MELOY: We both go down together

6. SILVER JEWS: My pillow is the threshold…/9336112.html

7. DESTROYER: Shooting rockets (From the desk of night’s ape)

8. MGMT: Pieces of what…/mgmt-et-vampire-weekend-les-nouveaux-pontes-de-brooklyn,30167.php

9. FRANCOIS VIROT: Say Fiesta,3340

10. DESTROYER: The sublimation hour…/album-du-jour-destroyer-streethawk.php

11. SCARLETT JOHANSSON: Green grass…/2124745…/jukebox-scarlett-johansson.html

12. THE BREEDERS: We’re gonna rise…/mp3s-breeders-live-in-boston.htm

13. WEEZER: Pork and Beans…/ill-party-by-myself-because-im-such.html

…stay tuned for scenes from our next episode…

Album du jour: TURNER CODY – First light

Pod en Stock 77 (mp3, 59 min, 55 Mb)

1. TURNER CODY: First light

2. BARTH: La mâchoire américaine

3. THE WEDDING PRESENT: Santa Ana winds…/50835-el-rey

4. FRIGHTENED RABBIT: The modern leper

5. ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN: Who built the road

6. FLOTATION TOY WARNING: Popstar researching oblivion

7. DEVASTATIONS: Rosa…/?c_id=1107

8. MARIEE SIOUX: Bravitzlana Rubakalva


10. ADAM GREEN: Drowning head first

11. RUSSIAN RED: Cigarettes…/909-russian-red-i-love-your-glasses-2008-mp3

12. (SWELL): Tell us all

13. THE MICROPHONES: The moon…/19875-the-glow-pt-2

14. TURNER CODY: Think about you anymore…/turner-cody-first-light/

15. NEVA DINOVA: Apocalypse

…stay tuned for scenes from our next episode…