Monthly Archives: February 2010

Album du jour: TRASHCAN SINATRAS – In the Music

Pod en Stock 84 (mp3, 58 min, 54 Mb)

1. TRASHCAN SINATRAS: Easy on the eye

2. FRANCOIS TAROT: Mon coeur est a papa

3. ARNAUD FLEURENT-DIDIER: Si on se dit pas tout…/album-du-jour-arnaud-fleurent-didier.php

4. NORFOLK & WESTERN: Hiding home

5. TARA JANE O’NEIL: A Partridge Song (Kitchen Concert Version)

6. THE LIMES: Sao Francisco Waters

7. DOMINIQUE A: Gisor…/kick-peplum.html…/2058178

8. TRASHCAN SINATRAS: Morning Star…/trashcansinatras2005-05-14.at831.flac16

9. EXSONVALDES: A day like today

10. JULIEN PRAS: The sweetest fall

11. ANE BRUN: Big in Japan


13. TRASHCAN SINATRAS: Prisons…/279-this-dish-is-delicious

14. THE FIERY FURNACES: Charmaine Champagne

15. THE TRASH CAN SINATRAS: How can I apply…?

…stay tuned for scenes from our next episode…