Monthly Archives: December 2006

Album du jour: KAREN DALTON – In My Own Time

Pod en Stock 46 (mp3, 70 min, 65 Mb)

1. KAREN DALTON: Something on your mind…/Karen_Dalton_In_My_Own_Time

2. MERCURY REV: Tonite it shows…/Mercury_Rev_Deserters_Songs

3. NORFOLK & WESTERN: Atget waltz

4. JOLIE HOLLAND: Old fashioned morphine

5. BILLIE HOLIDAY: Strange fruit

6. SCARLETT JOHANSSON: Summertime…/scarlett_johans.html

7. KAREN DALTON: Same old man

8. JOHN FAHEY: Sligo river blues

9. NICO: These days

10. EL PERRO DEL MAR: This loneliness

11. TARA ANGELL: Three times

12. EMILY HAINES & THE SOFT SKELETON: Mostly waving…/emily_haines_pl.html

13. KAREN DALTON: In a station

14. AMERICA: Old man took

15. THE BAND: Katie’s been gone

16. JUDEE SILL: The kiss


…stay tuned for scenes from our next episode…