Album du jour: ADRIAN CROWLEY – Long distance swimmer

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1. ADRIAN CROWLEY: Harmony row

2. PAUL DUNCAN: Memory curves…/42708-above-the-trees

3. BON IVER: For Emma

4. TIMBER TIMBRE: Like a mountain

5. MATT WARD: To go home

6. THIS IS THE KIT: Greasy goose…/artists_bio.php?language=fr&id=14

7. ADRIAN CROWLEY: Temporary residence…/adrian-crowley.html…/adrian-crowley-talks-fife/

8. ANTHONY REYNOLDS: Country girl

9. PIANO MAGIC: Halfway through

10. KING CREOSOTE: There’s none of that


12. MARISSA NADLER: Bird on your grave

13. ADRIAN CROWLEY: Electric eels

14. ONCE: If you want me

…stay tuned for scenes from our next episode…