Album du jour: PERNICE BROTHERS – Yours, Mine and Ours


1. PERNICE BROTHERS: The weakest shade of blue
2. PAPAS FRITAS: Lame to be
3. PERNICE BROTHERS: Sometimes I remember
4. GUIDED BY VOICES: Useless inventions
5. THE RAPTURE: Echoes
6. VITAMIN C: Last nite
7. TERRI HALL: A tale of woe
8. NITIN SHAWNEY: Falling angels
9. PERNICE BROTHERS: How to live alone
10. DRUGSTORE: Wayward daughter
11. DANI: Ce n’est rien
12. GAINSBOURG: Comme un boomerang
14. PERNICE BROTHERS: One foot inthe grave
15. ADAM GREEN: Bluebirds
16. ADAM GREEN: Bunny ranch
17. JERONIMO: L’été inoubliable
18. JEANNE BALIBAR: Le tour du monde
19. PERNICE BROTHERS: Baby in two
20. YANN TIERSEN: Summer 78
21. JEFF BUCKLEY: I shall be released
22. JEFF BUCKLEY: Hallelujah

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