Album du jour : Compilation Acuarela Songs #2


1. THE SOPHIE DRINKER: What is the image
2. DIARIU: Imaxe accidental
3. DAKOTA SUITE: Sand fools the shoreline
4. LOOSE FUR: Elegant transaction
5. THE SEA and CAKE: Left side clouded
6. BED: Polder one
7. DOMINIQUE A: Couleur d’eau
8. POLAR: A cup of coffee
9. THALIA ZEDEK: Never that mean
10. L’ALTRA: Blanco
11. THE POTOMAC ACCORD: The field song
12. GREEN APPLE SEA: Watercolour city
13. ED HARCOURT: The birds will sing for us
14. VENUS: Beautiful days
15. TOM Mc RAE: Stronger than dirt
16. CAT POWER: Speak for me
17. ENCRE: A live ode to hard drive chamber music
18. MAN: Collision
19. TRANSMISSIONARY SIX: Almost every dog

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