Album du jour : EMILIE SIMON – Emilie Simon


1. EMILIE SIMON: Flowers
2. INTERPOL: Say hello to the angels
3. THE SMITHS: Bigmouth strikes again
4. SYD MATTERS: End and start again
5. THE THRILLS: Santa Cruz
6. EMILIE SIMON: Graine d’√©toiles
7. MASSIVE ATTACK: Small time shot away
8. ERLEND OYE: Ghost train
9. PRAM: Sirocco
10. EMILIE SIMON: Blue light
11. STINA NORDENSTAM: Viewed from the spire
12. CALEXICO: Black heart
13. NICK CAVE and THE BAD SEEDS: There is a town
14. THE GO-BETWEENS: Poison in the wall
15. EMILIE SIMON: Dernier lit
16. BURMA: Out in silent way
17. A SILVER MOUNT ZION: Sisters, brothers, small boats of fire are
18. EMILIE SIMON: Vu d’ici

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