Album du jour: VIC CHESNUTT – North star deserter

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1. VIC CHESNUTT: Everything I say…/45506-north-star-deserter

2. ANNUALS: Ida, my

3. BAND OF HORSES: Cigarettes, wedding bands

4. PJ HARVEY: White chalk

5. IRON & WINE: House by the sea

6. GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS: Your rocky spine

7. VIC CHESNUTT: Glossolalia

8. LAMBCHOP: Is a woman

9. HAYDEN : Home by saturday…/new-hayden-where-and-when.html

10. IDA: Lover’s prayer…/band_info.asp?bandID=173

11. ALELA DIANE: Oh! My mama

12. VIC CHESNUTT: Debriefing…/19394-vic-chesnutt-chez-constellation-une-rose-dans-le-desert.html

13. A SILVER MOUNT ZION: Sit in the middle of three galloping dogs

…stay tuned for scenes from our next episode…