Album du jour: HERMAN DÜNE – Giant

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1. HERMAN DÜNE: Bristol

2. HERMAN DÜNE: World of workers

3. JULIE DOIRON: The songwriter

4. HERMAN DÜNE: By the door of the temple…/herman-dune-giant.html

5. PALACE MUSIC: O how I enjoy the light…/interview_will_oldham_herman_dune.htm

6. DAVID-IVAR HERMAN DÜNE: Take me to your countryhouse…/dunedavidivar-yaya.shtml

7. SCOUT NIBLETT: Pom poms

8. HERMAN DÜNE: The speed of a star

9. THE MOUNTAIN GOATS: Woke up new

10. HERMAN DÜNE: My friends kill my folks…/int_hermandune.html

11. DIXIE CUPS: Iko Iko

12. HERMAN DÜNE: No master…/andre-herman-dune-taeglich-brot

13. ANDRE HERMAN DÜNE: Give me some of your love

14. SONGS:OHIA: Nervous bride

15. HERMAN DÜNE: Monkey song

16. TURNER CODY: You came to me in the morning

17. BONNIE PRINCE BILLY: I see a darkness

18. HERMAN DÜNE: Red blue eyes (Peel session)

19. HERMAN DÜNE: Had I not known

20. HERMAN DÜNE: Your name/my game

…stay tuned for scenes from our next episode…