Album du jour: THE MELIGROVE BAND – Planets conspire

Pod en Stock 33 (mp3, 51 min, 48 Mb)

1. THE MELIGROVE BAND: Isle of yew

2. APOSTLE OF HUSTLE: Energy of death

3. THE ARCADE FIRE: Cold wind

4. CALEXICO: Deep down

5. BAND OF HORSES: The funeral

6. THE MELIGROVE BAND: I’m easy…/meligrove_band.htm

7. CLEARLAKE: No kind of life

8. ELF POWER: An old familiar scene…/new-elf-power-an-old-familiar-scene/

9. NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL: Two-headed boy

10. CUFF THE DUKE: The trouble and the truth

11. THE MELIGROVE BAND: Everyone’s a winner

…stay tuned for scenes from our next episode…