Album du jour : CH ACDA – La Sortie


1. CH ACDA: Teuk’song

2. THE STRUGGLERS: Noun to noun

3. SONGS:OHIA: I’ve been riding with the ghost

4. JULIE DOIRON and the WOODEN STARS: Dance music

5. CH ACDA: La sortie

6. THE SUNDAYS: You’re not the only one I know

7. THE CZARS: One single thing

8. BUSYMAN: Even if you don’t really change

9. THE CARDIGANS: Live and learn

10. DANIEL JOHNSTON: Mountain top

11. CH ACDA: Low

12. KATHRYN WILLIAMS: On for you

13. ALPHA: Silver light

14. EVAN DANDO: Hard drive

15. HEDEROS & HELLBERG: Concrete jungle

16. YANN TIERSEN: Summer 78

17. CH ACDA: Whispering secrets


19. CYANN 1 BEN: Dance with the devil

20. KILOWATTHOURS: Better off