Album du jour: AMANDINE – Solace in sore hands

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1. AMANDINE: Secrets

2. LOGH: Sometimes

3. KLIMA: The lady of the lake

4. ROSIE THOMAS: Say Hello

5. WHEAT: Move=Move

6. THE SEA AND CAKE: Coconut

7. JANA HUNTER: Vultures

8. ELK CITY: Los Cruzados

9. AMANDINE: Soldiers hands

10. ELLIOTT SMITH: Miss misery

11. ST VINCENT: Paris is burning

12.SHANNON WRIGHT: Defy this love

13. THE INNOCENCE MISSION: Brotherhood of man

14. THE CLIENTELE: Here comes the phantom

15. HARVEY WILLIAMS: Don’t shout at me

16. LOUIS PHILIPPE: An unknown spring

17. SUZANNE VEGA: Ludlow street

18. AMANDINE: Faintest of sparks…/MusicReview-11-Amandine.htm…/?c_id=1026

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